PIC microcontroller Trainer KIT Advance Level v1.5

PIC Microcontroller based Trainer Kit

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Advanced level development kit based on the PIC16F microcontroller

Kits contains  PIC16F887 , 44 pin SMD IC 

Loaded with Serial Bootloader application, which will ease the programming, in case of the non availability of the PicKit ,ICD etc

Key Features:

  • Easily adaptable for any type of PIC projects
  • More user friendly, highly practical oriented and informative Trainer Kit architecture for college labs while compared to other traditional designs
  • Built-in USB based ISP programmer
  • GPIO implementation techniques
  • Output Port pin expansion using Serial Shift registers
  • Selectable 4-bit LCD, 4-digit 7-segment LED display interfaces, 4x4   Matrix keypad, and 4 individual switch interfacing.
  • Multiplexed Serial Communication options: UART, USB, RS232 interfaces.
  •  Wireless modules interfacing options, including 433MHz ASK-FSK RF RX-TX modules, Zigbee, Bluetooth HC-05, ESP-01, nRF24L01 modules (Note: Wireless modules not included).

Enhanced Communication Capabilities:

        I2C communication-based interfacing on RTC & EEPROM ICs.

        DC-Motor and Stepper Motor interfacing with L293D driver IC.

Analog Interfacing Techniques:

        Various Opamp configurations like Instrumentation (differential), Inverting, Non-Inverting amplifier, Voltage Follower, etc.

        8-bit ADC Parallel Interfaced ADC, ADC0808 IC based.

        12-bit SPI interfaced ADC (Optional, not included).

        Onboard LM35 sensor, 2.56Vref generation, etc.

        8-bit DAC interfacing technique with DAC0808 IC.

        2 comparators for external level triggering.

User-Friendly Design:

        All multiplexed features easily selectable via DIP Slide switches.

        Onboard 5V, 3.3V regulators with an external 12V@1A power adapter.

        5V TTL to 3.3V TTL, bidirectional level converter onboard.

        Suitable for Robotics Implementation.

        Spacious, double-sided PCB design.

Explore our fully documented tutorials and access source code files to maximize your experience with the New Board v1.5. Upgrade your projects with this latest board with PIC microcontroller technology!

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