We thank you for the faith you have reposed in us and we’ll continue to improvise ourselves through the valuable feedback we’ve been getting. You must be aware that even though our website has a strong Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, also known as PCI DSS, is a global standard for securely accepting and processing credit card payments, encryption SSL certificate loaded (which is over and above the security features adapted by our payment gateway partner, which makes online payment safe), we are providing COD service to our valued client and we are happy to do so as it is one of the most convenient methods of making the payment.

However, off-late we have witnessed a spike in fake COD orders which are typically placed either to play pranks or mischief or intentionally to make sellers suffer losses. Fake COD orders are returned to the seller and there are a good amount of logistical expenses involved. You must be aware that GEOES eStore uses only the best delivery partners in India.

     We as a company have decided to take punitive action against such fake buyers.  We only process the CoD orders from the users that are registered with our system, with valid genuine contact details. The CoD order request from the unregistered Guest accounts will be discarded. Before processing the CoD orders, we will contact the customer with the given contact details & after getting the confirmation only, we will send it.   

As a first step against fake orders, we will block them from any future CoD purchases from GEOES eStore. Also, their ID will be blacklisted & details may be shared with other e-com platforms on demand, which may create problems for them in future purchases on those websites/ platforms.

        We, at GEOES eStore value the relationship and would like to give our customers not only the best products but also the best delivery experience. If you really think that doesn't need the ordered item or placed by mistake or the wrong item, then, of course, you got your chance to cancel the order by just writing a mail to us or contacting us on the contact number specified (WhatsApp/SMS/Call).

What happens if you reject COD (Cash on Delivery) orders from e-Commerce websites, without any proper reasons or just to prank?

          What happens is that a small-time seller who is barely surviving by selling online loses money.

         While it's fun for a lot of people to simply make a COD order and then refuse to accept it. The real burden fell on the shoulder of a small seller who is trying to make a living.
For each order the cost of packing is Rs 5 to 100, depending on the item. Then there is a delivery cost as well in some cases extra charge by the shipping provider for COD orders.
While some big eCommerce platforms may issue a refund on shipping cost there are still issues that sellers face.

     RTO (Return to Origin) is slower than sending orders. Sometimes it takes up to 20 days to get the product back. Nearly 30% of returned products get damaged during return transit. While Amazon and Flipkart offer some compensation, it's very limited and sellers still end up bleeding a lot of cash on damaged products.

       Sellers who are using their own shipping or have their own websites, end up paying not only shipping charges plus Rs 50 standard COD order charges but an almost equal amount on RTO. While Amazon and Flipkart don't charge on a returned order, they compensate for these losses by raising seller and shipping fees.  A large quantity of returns reflects badly on sellers even without any fault. Some Ecommerce platforms block them from selling on their website.

Therefore before you think of it as a joke and refuse a COD order just for fun, please remember that a person like you who works hard and sells online to feed his family faces losses because of some irresponsible behaviors.