4 x 45 W TDA7388 Quad Channel Amplifier

Unlock the Power of High-Fidelity Audio with Our Chill Breaker Series TDA7388 Quad Bridge Amplifier

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"Chill Breaker Quad-Core Powerhouse - The Versatile TDA7388 IC Amplifier - 4 Channel, 2 Channel, and 2.1 System Ready"

Elevate your audio experience to the next level with the Chill Breaker Quad-Core Powerhouse, our latest innovation in high-performance car audio amplification. Built around the renowned TDA7388 integrated circuit, this 4-channel amplifier is the heart of a robust, crystal-clear sound system designed for the audiophile in motion.This cutting-edge amplifier comes with an on-board configurable option that lets you choose between a 4-channel surround sound, a powerful 2-channel setup by paralleling two channels, or an immersive 2.1 channel system, delivering flexibility without compromise.

Key Features:

    Powerful 4-Channel Output: With four dedicated channels, the TDA7388 IC delivers a rich, powerful soundstage, ensuring each speaker is driven with clarity and precision.

    Multi-Mode Configuration: Effortlessly switch between 4-channel, 2-channel, or 2.1 channel setups to match your listening needs, with easy on-board adjustments.

    Enhanced Power in 2-Channel Mode: By paralleling two channels, unleash a more potent output for your sound system, driving high-fidelity audio with even greater intensity.

    Integrated Subwoofer Function: Set up a 2.1 system with dedicated subwoofer support to experience deep, resonant bass alongside crisp, clear highs.

    Compact and Robust Design: The Chill Breaker amplifier not only saves space with its compact design but also stands up to the rigors of high-output performance.

    Heat Dissipation Efficiency: Built to handle the heat, our amplifier ensures stability and longevity, even when pushing the boundaries of its power output.

    Unmatched Versatility: Whether you're customizing the sound system of your car, boat, or recreational vehicle, our amplifier adapts to your unique setup for unparalleled audio quality.

    Compact Efficiency: The TDA7388 IC’s efficient design offers a high power-to-size ratio, allowing for sleek, space-saving installations without sacrificing performance.
    Heat-Resistant Operation: Engineered to minimize thermal build-up, the Chill Breaker amplifier maintains exceptional performance standards even under strenuous conditions.

    Simple Installation: Intuitive design coupled with comprehensive instructions makes setup a breeze, whether you're a DIY beginner or a seasoned audio technician.

Technical Specifications:

    IC Model: TDA7388
    Amplifier Class: AB
    Output Power: 4 x 41 watts (4 ohms) at 14.4V supply
    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
    Low Distortion: Ensures audio clarity at every volume level
    Supply Voltage Range: 8V to 18V
    Signal to Noise Ratio: Above 100dB

Unrivaled Audio Clarity with Chill Breaker:

The Chill Breaker Quad-Core Powerhouse isn't just an amplifier; it's a commitment to superior sound quality. It brings the concert to your car, creating an immersive listening experience that makes every journey a musical voyage. With robust power and high fidelity, this 4-channel TDA7388 IC amplifier is the perfect upgrade for your automotive sound system.

Order Today:

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your vehicle's audio system with the clarity and power of the Chill Breaker Quad-Core Powerhouse. Experience the true potential of your playlist in stunning detail. Shop now and redefine your audio journey!

Technical Data

IC Model TDA7388
Amplifier Class AB
Output Power (4-Channel Mode) 4 x 41 watts (4 ohms) at 14.4V supply
Output Power (2-Channel Mode) 2 x higher wattage by paralleling channels
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz
Supply Voltage Range 8V to 18V
Signal to Noise Ratio Above 100dB
Country of Origin India

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