P10 LED message module 32*16 pixels RED Color LED tile

P10 RED Color LED panel module message board panel

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Commonly available color selections are


Panel Size: 32x16 cm

P10 LED Panel is usually also called P10 LED module, which is an important part of LED display. P10 means The Pixel Pitch is 10mm, the distance of each led pixel is 10mm. now it is popularly used for Outdoor advertising LED Display with good price and stable quality, It has DIP LED and SMD LED Type, You can buy it according to the different applications and environments.

Important: The Power supply for this module is +5VDC,  Connecting the wrong Voltage or Polarity inversion will burn the IC and other parts. Such cases void the warranty.

Technical Data

LED Pixel Pitch 10mm
Dimension 32 cm x 16 cm
LED Count 32 (Row) x 16 (Col)
Power Supply 5V
Country of Origin China

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