5.1 channel Amplifier Speaker protection board

Multichannel 5.1 Speaker protection Board for 6 Single Ended amplifier channels

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When driving multiple speakers, it's crucial to have a reliable speaker protector in place to prevent driver damage in case of unforeseen issues. Our Speaker Protector, when used in conjunction with an Amplifier module, is an excellent choice for driving stereo loudspeakers with active crossovers or for surround sound systems with multiple speakers to manage.

Key Features:

    DC Output Safeguard: Protect your speakers from DC output originating from the amplifier, whether due to amplifier failures or human error during construction.

    Supports Multiple Amplifier Modules: Our protection board can safeguard up to Six amplifier modules single-ended  (ie, one end is Ground) Note : For amplifier with Bridged outputs, slight modifications are required on this circuit and Dual Pole relays are required for proper functioning. So not recommending this model for Bridged output amplifiers  

    Compact, Cost-Efficient Design: It's a simple, compact, and cost-effective solution, ensuring that your speakers remain safe without breaking the bank.

    Compatible with Various Power Supplies: Operates seamlessly with the same power supply as your amplifiers, handling up to ±25V DC or ±40V DC or ±100V DC

    Swift Response:  In the event of a full-rail DC fault at 30V, the protector disconnects the speakers within 100ms.

    Optimal Start-Up Delay:  Provides a 1-2 second turn-on delay, allowing your amplifier outputs to stabilize before engaging.

    Resistant to Low-Frequency AC Signals:  Remains insensitive to low-frequency AC signals, ensuring consistent performance.

    Reliable Relays:  Utilizes 5 SPDT relays with contacts rated to break 10A @ 28V DC (repetitive) and 1 SPDT relay with contacts rated to break 30A @ 28V, specifically for subwoofer applications.

Don't compromise on speaker safety. Invest in our compact and dependable Speaker Protector to keep your valuable speakers in perfect condition.

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