NoRona - Automatic hand Sanitizer Dispenser Machine 4.5L (4500mL)

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Machine 4.5L 4500mL, Drop flow type

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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Made of  ABS body with unbreakable Polycarbonate 4.5 Ltr (4500ml) tank.

Microcontroller based intelligent controlling.

Free Drop flow type, controlled by the solenoid valve.

Immune to false triggering due to sunlight

Adjustable The load On time, it can be varied from 0.15sec to 3sec using a trimmer Pot on the PCB.

Adjustable sensitivity, can be varied through POT. 

User can Select between models having Buzzer sound and without buzzer sound.

The unit is built up on IR light based sensing. Normal photo diode based proximity sensors  are prone to the IR content in sunlight. So it can cause unwanted false triggering. In order to avoid that, TSOP based photo sensors are used. They are designed to accept and demodulate only a particular frequency band of the IR signals. This module is using a Tsop1738 sensor, which can accept only 38KHz band. Thus avoiding the false triggers. Pulse generation, reception and load control functions are carried out by a PIC16F microcontroller IC. . Board is designed to drive the output load through a MOSFET driver.

Technical Data

Power Supply 230V AC
OUTPUT DRIVE Solenoid Valve Contolled by MOSFET Driver
Sensing Type 38KHz IR-TSOP based proximity sensor
Country of origin India

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