AD849 High Speed, Low PowerMonolithic Op Amp, 725 MHz Gain Bandwidth

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    The AD848 and AD849 are high speed, low power monolithic operational amplifiers. The AD848 is internally compensated so that it is stable for closed loop gains of 5 or greater. The AD849 is fully decompensated and is stable at gains greater than 24.
       The AD848 and AD849 achieve their combination of fast ac and good dc performance by utilizing Analog Devices’ junction isolated complementary bipolar (CB) process. This process enables these op amps to achieve their high speed while only
requiring 4.8 mA of current from the power supplies. The AD848 and AD849 are members of Analog Devices’ family of high speed op amps. This family includes, among others, the AD847 which is unity gain stable, with a gain bandwidth of 50 MHz. For more demanding applications, the AD840, AD841 and AD842 offer even greater precision and greater output current drive.
            The AD848 and AD849 have good dc performance. When operating with ± 5 V supplies, they offer open loop gains of 13 V/mV (AD848 with a 500 Ω load) and low input offset voltage of 1 mV maximum. Common-mode rejection is a minimum of 92 dB. Output voltage swing is ± 3 V even into loads as low as 150 Ω.

Cable Drivers
8- and 10-Bit Data Acquisition Systems
Video and RF Amplification
Signal Generators

725 MHz Gain Bandwidth – AD849
175 MHz Gain Bandwidth – AD848
4.8 mA Supply Current
300 V/ms Slew Rate
80 ns Settling Time to 0.1% for a 10 V Step – AD849
Differential Gain: AD848 = 0.07%, AD849 = 0.08%
Differential Phase: AD848 = 0.088, AD849 = 0.048

Drives Capacitive Loads
3 nV/√Hz Input Voltage Noise – AD849
85 V/mV Open Loop Gain into a 1 kV Load – AD849
1 mV max Input Offset Voltage
Performance Specified for 65 V and 615 V Operation
Available in Plastic, Hermetic Cerdip and Small Outline
Packages. Chips and MIL-STD-883B Parts Available.
Available in Tape and Reel in Accordance with
EIA-481A Standard


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