The TEA152x family STARplug is a Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) controller IC that operates directly from the rectified universal mains.

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Features and Benefits

-Designed for general purpose supplies up to 30 W
„-Integrated power switch:
-TEA1520x: 48 Ω; 650 V
‹-TEA1521x: 24 Ω; 650 V
‹-TEA1522x: 12 Ω; 650 V
‹-TEA1523P: 6.5 Ω; 650 V
-Operates from universal AC mains supplies (80 V to 276 V)
-Adjustable frequency for flexible design
-RC oscillator for load insensitive regulation loop constant
-Valley switching for minimum switch-on loss
-Frequency reduction at low power output makes low standby power possible
(< 100 mW)
-Adjustable overcurrent protection
-Undervoltage protection
-Temperature protection
-Short-circuit winding protection
„-Simple application with both primary and secondary (opto) feedback
„-Available in DIP8 and SO14 packages

Technical Data

Manufacture NXP
Product Category AC/DC Converters
Mounting Style Through Hole
Package/Case DIP-8
Output Power 30 W
Switching Frequency 550 kHz
Duty Cycle - Max 75 %
Minimum Operating Temperature - 20 C
Maximum Operating Temperature + 85 C
Packaging Tube
Brand NXP Semiconductors
Product Voltage Converters
Product Type AC/DC Converters
Subcategory PMIC - Power Management ICs
Part # Aliases TEA1523PN
Unit Weight 449 mg

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