MQ135-Air quality Sensor

Suitable for detecting or measuring of NH3, NOx, Alcohol, Benzene, Smoke, CO2

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The MQ-135 Gas sensors are used in air quality control equipments and are suitable for detecting or measuring of NH3, NOx, Alcohol, Benzene, Smoke, CO2. The MQ-135 sensor module comes with a Digital Pin which makes this sensor to operate even without a microcontroller and that comes in handy when you are only trying to detect one particular gas.  If you need to measure the gases in PPM the analog pin need to be used. The analog pin is TTL driven and works on 5V and so can be used with most common microcontrollers.

If you are looking for a sensor to detect or measure common air quality gases such as CO2, Smoke, NH3, NOx, Alcohol, Benzene then this sensor might be the right choice for you.

Structure and configuration of MQ-135 gas sensor is shown as Fig. 1 (Configuration A or B), sensor composed by micro AL2O3 ceramic tube, Tin Dioxide (SnO2) sensitive layer, measuring electrode and heater are fixed into a crust made by plastic and stainless steel net. The heater provides necessary work conditions for work of sensitive components. The enveloped MQ-135 have 6 pin ,4 of them are used to fetch signals, and other 2 are used for providing heating current.
Electric parameter measurement circuit is shown as Fig.2
E. Sensitivity characteristic curve

     Resistance value of MQ-135 is difference to various kinds and various concentration gases. So,When using this components, sensitivity adjustment is very necessary. we recommend that you calibrate the detector for 100ppm NH3 or 50ppm Alcohol concentration in air and use value of Load resistancethat( RL) about 20 KΩ(10KΩ
to 47 KΩ). When accurately measuring, the proper alarm point for the gas detector should be determined after considering the temperature and humidity influence.

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