P80NF10,N-channel Mosfet 100 V, 0.012 Ω, 80 A, TO-220, D2PAK low gate charge STripFET™ II Power MOSFET

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Type              VDSS      RDS(on)max    ID     Marking     Package
STP80NF10   100 V       < 0.015 Ω        80A   P80NF10     TO-220

  • Exceptional dv/dt capability
  • 100% Avalanche tested
  • Application oriented characterization
        Switching applications

    This Power MOSFET series realized with STMicroelectronics unique STripFET process has specifically been designed to minimize input capacitance and gate charge. It is therefore suitable as primary switch in advanced highefficiency isolated DC-DC converters for telecom and computer application. It is also intended for any application with low gate charge drive requirements


Technical Data

Absolute maximum ratings
VDS Drain-source voltage (VGS = 0) 100 V
VGS Gate- source voltage ±20 V
ID Drain current (continuous) at TC = 25 °C 80 A
ID Drain current (continuous) at TC = 100 °C 80 A
IDM Drain current (pulsed) 320 A
PTOT Total dissipation at TC = 25 °C 300 W
Derating factor 2 W/°C
dv/dt ( ISD < 80 A, di/dt < 300 A/µs, VDD= 80% V(BR)DSS)
Peak diode recovery voltage slope 7 V/ns
EAS (Starting Tj = 25 °C, ID = 40 A, VDD = 50 V)
Single pulse avalanche energy 350 mJ
Tstg Tj Storage temperature
Operating junction temperature -55 to 175 °C
Thermal resistance
Rthj-case Thermal resistance junction-case max 0.5 °C/W
Rthj-amb Thermal resistance junction-ambient max 62.5 °C/W
Tl Maximum lead temperature for soldering purpose 300 °C

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