TLP152, Mosfet Driver, Photocouplers GaAℓAs Infrared LED & Photo IC

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          The TLP152 is a photocoupler in an SO6 package that consists of a GaAℓAs infrared light-emitting diode (LED) optically coupled to an integrated high-gain, high-speed photodetector IC chip. The photodetector IC chip has an internal shield to provide a high common-mode transient immunity of ±20 kV/µs and thus superior noise immunity
between the input and output pins. The TLP152 has a totem-pole output that can both sink and source current. It is suitable for directly driving a small IGBT or power MOSFET.

(1) Buffer logic type (totem pole output)
(2) Output peak current: ±2.5 A (max)
(3) Operating temperature: -40 to 100 
(4) Supply current: 3.0 mA (max)
(5) Supply voltage: 10 to 30 V
(6) Threshold input current: 7.5 mA (max)
(7) Propagation delay time: tpHL = 190 ns (max), tpLH = 170 ns (max)
(8) Common-mode transient immunity: ±20 kV/µs (min)
(9) Isolation voltage: 3750 Vrms (min)
(10) Safety standards
         UL-approved: UL1577, File No.E67349
         cUL-approved: CSA Component Acceptance Service No.5A File No.E67349
         VDE-approved: EN60747-5-5, EN60065 or EN60950-1 (Note 1)
                                : EN62368-1 (Pending) (Note 1)
         CQC-approved: GB4943.1, GB8898 Thailand Factory

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